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Winners of the Vic Goines Trophy   back

~ Retired after 2011 Season ~
2011 Evanna Ashley Ooms
2010  ~ Not Awarded ~
2009 Neo Classic Sascha Abramson 
2008 Valentina Briarwood/Elizabeth Benson
2007 Magic Carpet Allison George
2006 Neo Classic Sascha Abramson 
2005 Sincerely Me Lauren Habrukovich 
2004 Young Lord Christie Feoli
2003 Shutter Speed Erin And Genna Centolanza
2002 South Shore Briarwood Farm
2001 Shutter Speed Dylan Short
2000 Trouble Standing Briarwood Farm & Vanessa Mayor
1999 Singapore Girl Leslie Beck
1998 Labrusca Hill Amy Cochran
1997 Tinker's Chance Teresa Callahan
1996 Emmet Briarwood Farm
1995 Newsworthy Frank Chapot
1994 Classic Portrait Ann Schneider
1993 Short Cut Marylou Somogy
1992 Razz Matazz Natacha Smith
1991 Classic Portrait Ann Schneider
1990 Windy Cop Jim Dalling
1989 Exact Change Elaine Guzek
1988 Vabanque Speedwell Farms
1987 Enterprise Diane Ward / Hidden Hills Farm
1986 Too Good Marylou Somogy
1985 Too Good Marylou Somogy
1984 Heart Of Gold Debbie J. Schork
1983 Enterprise Ben Purifoy / Hidden Hills Farm
1982 Buster Al Zacherau
1981 Trigger Stacy Cascio
1980 Double Sharp Joan Berko
1979 Winsalot Susan Woithe
1978 East Side Drive Pat Byrne
1977 East Side Drive Pat Byrne
1976 Toy Commander Jack Benson
1975 Toy Commander Jack Benson
1974 East Side Drive Pat Byrne