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Perpetual Trophies

Every year, the NJHSA is proud to present a number of Perpetual Trophies at our Annual Night of Champions banquet and at our Annual Horse Show.  These trophies honor the memory of our friends, mentors, and special horses.  Please take a few minutes to look at the stories behind the trophies, and the past winners.  You may see some names you recognize!  Our trophies are on permanent display at Beval Saddlery in Gladstone, NJ.


Adamkiewicz Trophy

Lori Amamkiewicz Trophy - High Score Children's Hunter

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by the McDevitt Family in memory of Lori Adamkiewicz

Laura was a cousin to the McDevitt family. As a young lady who was only 14 years old, her life was tragically taken by a drunk driver. Her beauty and free spirit of youth will be remembered through this award for her peers.

Past winners

Grace Pratt Jones Trophy

Grace Pratt Jones Trophy - High Score Adult Amateur Hunter

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by James Jones Lemmermann in memory of Grace Pratt Jones

As an ever-supportive show mother, Grace helped Jim throughout his riding career. Grace loved the horse shows, and the horse show people. Jim began his riding career at age 22, and Grace was there with him through numerous campaigns and NJHSA championships. It is fitting that Grace be remembered for her support of adult riders through this award.

Past winners

Lemmermann Trophy

James Jones Lemmermann Trophy - High Score Pleasure Horse or Pony

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by the Students of James Jones Lemmermann, in his memory

This trophy is given in honor of our friend and trainer for his thirty years of dedication to the sport he loved. Jim was an accomplished competitor and a natural rider, and he was proud to serve as President of NJHSA. Jim received his greatest rewards from coaching and training, to which he brought outstanding knowledge, skill, care and patience. The 1995 Pleasure Championship, in NJHSA’s 25th year, was Jim’s last year-end award. He won the Championship through fine horsemanship, inspiring courage and strength of will. In honor of those qualities and Jim Lemmermann’s memory, his friends and students gratefully donate this trophy.

Past winners

Coco Lossal Trophy

"Coco-Lossal" Trophy - High Score Short Stirrup Equitation

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by Liz McFadden in memory of "Coco-Lossal"

“ . . . Coco-Lossal, “Cokie”, was my first pony, and together we won the NJHSA high score award for short stirrup equitation in 1983. . . This very special pony taught me not only how to ride, but also how to be a complete horsewoman. She taught me not to be afraid of horses, but to appreciate their power and beauty. I learned, through Cokie, that if you truly believe in something, your dream will come true. I would like to give a little piece of Cokie to the youngsters who are just starting out today. I would like them to realize that in winning the Coco-Lossal Memorial Trophy, their victory would not only be tabulated by points, but also by the love and respect that their ponies deserve.” -- Liz Schindler

Past winners

Clever Decision Trophy

"Clever Decision" Trophy - High Score Children's/Adult Jumper

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by Jamie Stone in memory of "Clever Decision"

Past winners

Marie Palm Trophy

Marie Palm Trophy - Member's Choice Award

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by the Friends of Marie Palm in her memory

Marie Palm was part of NJHSA in many capacities. She was a Show Mom and a horse owner first and foremost, enjoying countless horse shows and High Score Dinners. Deciding to have a voice in it all, she decided to join our association as an active member and finally was elected as a member of the Executive Board. Marie served in many positions, most memorably as Specifications Chairperson where her eye for detail and an insightful vision of horse showing improved our fair playing grounds. Her laughter, poignant notions, and democratic character are so greatly missed. It is in her memory that we respectfully dedicated our Member’s Choice Trophy.

Past winners

Jack Benson Trophy - Trainer of the Year

Perpetual Memorial Trophy in memory of Jack Benson, presented by his Friends and Family

Past winners

Sam's Trophy

Goodbye Hollywood Trophy - Pleasure Horse or Pony Champion, NJHSA Horse Show

Memorial Challenge Trophy donated by Lisa Mende Senus in Memory of "Goodbye Hollywood".  To be won three times by the same horse/rider combination for permanent possession

“Goodbye Hollywood”, known to many as “Sam, the little Arab pleasure horse”, was winner of NJHSA’s annual high score award in the Pleasure Horse or Pony Division in 1996 and 1999. During his show career (1995-2002), Sam earned year-end awards from NJHSA, NJPHA, and DVHA in Hunters, Equitation, Jumpers, and Pleasure, a testament to his versatility. Lisa and Sam enjoyed a partnership of almost 15 years.  In presenting this trophy to the NJHSA, Lisa wishes to recognize and reward long-term partnerships between horse and rider.

Past winners

Marilyn Blohm Trophy - Low Adult Hunter Champion, NJHSA Horse Show

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated in memory of Marily Haggerty Blohm by her family and friends

Past winners

Vic Goines Trophy

Vic Goines Trophy - High Score Open Jumper
(Retired after 2011 season)

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by the Friends of Vic Goines, in his memory

Vic was a founding father of NJHSA in the 1970s. He was a fine trainer of both horses and riders dating as far back as 1962 at Homestead Stables in Sparta, NJ. He rode many jumpers to NJHSA championships, as well as starting many other New Jersey horses. His sudden death left a void in the lives of many friends, who chose to remember him through this award.

Past winners

Lady Bug Trophy

"Lady Bug" Trophy - High Score Junior Hunter
(Retired after 2004 season)

Perpetual Memorial Trophy donated by Edie Witzler in memory of "Lady Bug"

“Ladybug” was a fine show horse owned by Edie Witzler of Long Valley, NJ. She was shown in the Junior Hunter, Pleasure, and Equitation divisions. She won numerous NJHSA high score awards in the 1970s, and went to the Equitation Finals several times. She was a horse that is remembered by her family and many others through this award.

Past winners