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High Score Award Rules & Class/Divison Specifications
Effective 1 December 2017

Download the current Specifications Book

The NJHSA Board reserves the right to make final decisions relating to the interpretation of specifications and the adjudication of the High Score Rules and procedures.


1.       Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF rule book will be conducted judged in accordance therewith.

2.       Throughout these specifications the definitions of Junior Rider, Adult Amateur and Amateur-Owner will conform to the definitions established by USEF:

a.        Junior Rider:  Has not reached his/her 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current Show Year (USEF GR128)

b.       Adult Amateur Rider: No longer eligible as a Junior Rider, and is an Amateur according to the USEF definitions.  Adult Amateur Riders must hold a valid USEF Amateur Certification (USEF GR1307)

3.       The NJHSA High Score Awards "Show Year" is December 1 through November 30, concurrent with the USEF/USHJA year.

4.       Riders, horses, and ponies are eligible for High Score Awards ONLY if they are registered with the NJHSA and application fees have been paid.  Membership becomes effective upon receipt of a completed application and the appropriate fees by the Membership Secretary.  NO POINTS WILL BE ACCRUED FOR RIBBONS WON BEFORE THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF MEMBERSHIP.

5.       In cases of multiple ownership of a horse or pony, at least one owner of record must be an NJHSA member for points to accrue.

6.       A transfer of ownership must be filed for a horse or pony that is already recorded with the NJHSA.  Points will be awarded to the new owner only from the date the transfer fee and paperwork are received by the NJHSA.

7.       Stables, Farms, or Corporations who wish to register their horses and ponies must be registered as members.  In addition, an officer of the Stable, Farm, or Corporation must be a Senior Member.

8.       For LEASED horses or ponies, the actual owner of the horse or pony must be an NJHSA member for points to accrue.  (Exception: leases recorded with USEF per USEF GR1108 - A recorded horse must be shown under a lessee’s ownership provided an official lease is registered with the Federation.)

9.       It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to declare their trainer of record on their membership application.  Any change in trainer should be forwarded to the Point Secretary (  Changes to trainer of record may be made up until the final closure of the year’s points, usually in mid-December. The trainer information is used at year-end to determine Trainer of the Year, so it is important that this information is accurate.

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees:

Junior Membership
Senior Membership
Family Membership (a maximum of five people sharing a common residence, must include at least one but not more than two Senior members)


One-Time Fees:

Lifetime Membership
Farm/Stable/Corporation Recording
Horse Recording
Transfer of Horse Ownership (for horses previously recorded with NJHSA)


Important Notes for Members

  • Members found to have misrepresented themselves (i.e., rider's age, rider's level as maiden/novice/limit, horse/pony size or eligibility, etc.) will forfeit ALL points earned in the division.  Thereafter, points will be awarded only in the correct divisions of eligibility.
  • If any member is suspended by USEF, NJHSA will suspend their membership during the suspension period imposed by USEF, such that no NJHSA points will be accrued.  Points will not be accrued by any horses or ponies owned by suspended members or their farms, stables, or corporations.  Any disciplinary action by USEF resulting in revocation and/or redistribution of points will also be observed by the NJHSA.
  • Be certain to check horse show prize lists to determine whether NJHSA Points are carried and will be counted.  Be certain a prize list is correct and states CURRENT specifications.  NJHSA CLASSES AND DIVISIONS MUST BE LISTED CORRECTLY FOR POINTS TO COUNT. 
  • If a genuine error is made, the NJHSA Executive Board must be notified immediately, and the horse show management and exhibitors must follow the NJHSA Executive Board’s decision on sanctioning the division, and any procedure for correction.