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Winners of the "Lady Bug" Trophy   back

~ Retired after 2004 Season ~
2004 Tally Over Jill Goldfine
2003 Charmed Katie Kesselmen
2002 Allegiance Heather Dobbs
2001 Nightscape Jamie Duva
2000 Nightscape Jamie Duva
1999 Last Request Kimberly Hann
1998 Last Request Kimberly Hann
1997 Copperfield Jamie Levy
1996 Five Star Amy Porchetta
1995 Copperfield Jamie Levy
1994 Castle Creek Kelly Lasch
1993 Motion Picture Lisa Morgan
1992 Palmer Elizabeth Blaisdell
1991 Copper Penny Jamie Stone
1990 Smooth Sailing Aulden Faulkner & Jennifer Tirrell
1989 The Cat's Meow Laura Chapot
1988 Taravariant Michelle Conway
1987 Scout's Honor Anne Vogel
1986 Sassoon Kristina Lloyd
1985 Sassoon Kristina Lloyd
1984 Regardless Stranger Laura Mascharka
1983 Calling Card Jennifer Cronin
1982 Rombeau's Mint Mrs. H.B. Nonemaker
1981 Coppersmith Vivian Thiele
1980 October Light B. J. Ehrhardt
1979 The Deacon Barbara Lasley
1978 Fiddlin' Round Sandy Rakowitz
1977 Wishmaster Linda Matreyek