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Jumper Divisions
Rev. 08 April 2017

General Rules:

  • All jumper classes meeting the specifications below (except Classics and Clear-Round classes) will receive NJHSA Points regardless of the number of classes offered at the show.  (Clear-Round exception effective Dec. 1, 2017)

  • No NJHSA Champion or Reserve Champion Bonus points will be awarded in any Jumper Division.

  • A Jumper Class need not be named exactly for points to count towards its respective High Score Award, as long as said class meets the height and spread requirements of the section (exception: Child/Adult Jumpers.)

  • Attention Pony Jumper exhibitors:  Please be aware of USEF Rule JP118.4(a) – Pony Jumpers may not be ridden by an adult in any section at the same competition.

Itty-Bitty Jumper (0.7m, 2’3”)

Open to all horses and ponies who, as a horse and rider combination, have not won a total of $1000 in jumper classes as of December 1 of the current show year.  All classes to be run concurrent with USEF tables.  Fences 2'3" (0.7m) in height.  No combinations permitted.

NOTE:  While management is encouraged to include clear-round classes in this section, no points will be counted from these classes. (Effective Dec. 1, 2017)

Pre-Preliminary Jumper (Level 0, 0.85m, 2’9”)

Open to all horses and ponies. All classes to be run concurrent with USEF Tables. Fences set according to USEF Level Zero at 2’9” (0.85m). 

Schooling Jumper (Level 1-2, 0.95-1.0m, 3’-3’3”)

A single High Score Award will be awarded to the horse or pony scoring the highest number of points in Level 1 and Level 2 Jumper classes throughout the show year. Open to all horses and ponies. All classes to be conducted under USEF Tables. Fences set according to USEF Levels:

  • Level 1 (0.95m) - 3’0” in height, 3’ to 3’6” in spread
  • Level 2 (1.0m) - 3’3” in height, spreads 3’3” to 3’9 in spread

Children's / Adult Amateur Jumper

Perpetual Memorial Trophy presented by E. J. Geiger in memory of “Clever Decision”

To be run in accordance with USHJA Zone 2 Specifications which are available at the show office or online at 

To be ridden by exhibitors who have not reached their 18th birthday by December 1 of the current competition year, or by Amateurs in accordance with GR 1306 and must show USEF Amateur Certification. Riders may not compete in any other class at the same competition where fences exceed 1.15m (3’9”) except the USEF Talent Search Class. Horses may show at 1.40m (4’7”) or below with another rider.

  • Low Child/Adult Jumper 0.90m to 1.00m
  • High Child/Adult Jumper 1.10m to 1.15m

Points for this Division will accrue only at USEF-recognized shows.