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Winners of the Lori Adamkiewicz Trophy  back

2013 Wanna Be
Coreen Gilligan
2012 Wanna Be Coreen Gilligan
2011 Wanna Be Coreen Gilligan
2010 Frostline Alexa Sendro
2009 Blackberry Brandilyn Wall
2008 Magnetic Kendall Fately
2007 Johnny Angel Brandilyn Wall
2006 Hidden Springs Aw Shucks Elizabeth Newmeyer 
2005 Shoot the Moon Elizabeth Benson
2004 Devilish Erin Engard
2003 Bellagio Lindsey Mohr
2002 In Total Synch Lauren Cechini
2001 Imported Melissa Feller
2000 Brighton Sketch Megan Spilatro
1999 Nightscape Jamie Duva
1998 Tell Me True Elizabeth Offleman
1997 Hooligan Jennifer Doyle
1996 Golden Opportunity Mary Roth
1995 Aspercel Jessie Sentivan
1994 Here's The Deal Michelle Green
1993 Have Faith Sandra Willekes
1992 Classic Finale Melissa Chambers
1991 Cordial Image Sara Patten
1990 First Impression Cheryl Leonardis
1989 Cordial Image Mary Patten
1988 Polished Brass Kim Svoboda
1987 Talk Of The Town Robert Beck
1986 Wise Emperor Mrs. H.B. Nonemaker
1985 Milestone Small Talk C. Schlachter
1984 Say No More Sharon Seeger
1983 Just Sallie Wendy Chapot
1982 Wise Emperor Mrs. H.B. Nonemaker
1981 Ardmore A'Dell Michelle Simms
1980 For Instance Lisa Cummings
1979 Warmyth Bill Burmeister
1978 Butterscotch Sundae Kurt Hendricks